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 husky tool chest review
 montezuma tool box review us general tool box review
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Husky Tool Chest review

Husky, founded in 1924, is currently the in-house brand of The Home Depot. They offer high-quality tools, though the prices aren’t that premium. Their hand tools are manufactured by Black & Decker, Apex Tool Group, Western Forge and Iron Bridge Tools. These used to be produced in the US. However, they are currently made in China and Taiwan for the most part. Their hand tools have lifetime warranty. They did go through a lot of changes, so read through this Husky Tool Chest review to see if they’re still as good as they were. The older Husky tool boxes were great. Their drawers had a secure latch that kept them closed. They were black, and used to blend in any environment. Competitively priced, they had features that gave excellent bang for your buck. They did lack in a few areas, though. However, if the old ones were good, the new ones blow them out of the water. They’re now tougher, with upgraded slides and much better drawers. As you’ll see in this Husky tool chest review, they took something that’s good, and made it much better. The new tool boxes improve in a few key areas, so read below for the full lowdown.

The full Husky tool box review


Let’s start with the aesthetics. The new Husky tool box does away with the shiny handles. They’re

husky tool chest review
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now gloss black, and that “black on black” look is stunning. And, with the suppressed Husky logo, it is obvious that their target market is either a serious DIY shop guy, or a casual mechanic. When put next to a few of their competitors, they look and feel a touch above the others. And the best thing? They cost a lot less, too.


Construction of the Husky Tool Chest

The Husky’s drawers are incredible. They have a soft-close mechanism. What this does, is help you close the drawer with force, without having your tools all over the place. No matter how hard you hit it, tools stay put. The slides are improved as well. There are ball-bearing slides, which are among the smoothest possible. With nicely rolled over edges, they can hold up to 200 pounds. These edges give them significantly more strength. You also won’t feel a lot of play. This is because the slides are riveted into the sides of the drawers.

The bottom drawers, which are taller, include two slides. This allows them to handle more weight, and be more stable. There are six casters, all 5×2”. You will find that four are swiveling, and have a brake. The other two are centered and rigid. There is the possibility of up to 2,500 pounds of load. They have separate lock and unlock pedals on the front, and a weld instead of heavy duty rivets.

This might sound discouraging, but the weight is on the main caster frame, so it shouldn’t be an issue really. Where the Husky tool box stands out, is the walls. The boxes are double-walled inside, unlike cheaper alternatives. This helps a lot in terms of rigidity and stability. When you consider the rolled drawer sides, and the dimple on the shelf’s bottoms, stiffness and build quality are guaranteed.

Extras included with the Husky toolbox

Power management in tool boxes is picking up steam. You will find plenty of manufacturers including various solutions, and Husky are no exception. On the right side, you will find a 6-outlet, 2 USB power strip. This lets you connect chargers as well as other devices. This is the best possible way to get some power for your devices.

Finishing up the Husky tool chest review

At the end of the day, the new models are possibly the best tool boxes Husky has ever offered. Therefore, they even edge out some more popular brands. They offer a lot of functions, each one more useful than the previous one. And, they edge out the competition in terms of price. They are a great way of upgrading your tool storage options. You pretty much can’t go wrong.