Extreme Tool Box Review

extreme tool box review
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While some people prefer to buy something expensive, others know that cheap isn’t always bad. There are affordable tool boxes which give you a ToolBoxReivewModallot of functionality. To make things even better, they last long enough too. Whether you’re a professional mechanic, or a DIY builder, the right tool box can help a lot. You should always choose the tool box depending on your needs. Size is the most important. It should be able to fit everything comfortably, and it should also fit in your workshop. The inventory and other things should have a place inside as well. The tool box needs to be portable if you’re moving, too. This Extreme tool box review should give you a picture of a few options that have it all.

Extreme Tools EX5611RCBK

extreme tool box review

This is an excellent option for any professional. The 56” tool box has 11 drawers. All of them have ball bearing sliders for excellent smoothness. The ball bearings are rated for 100-200 pounds per drawer, which means that even heavier tools shouldn’t be an issue. To be able to move everything with ease, there are six 5×2” casters. Made of heavy duty steel, you can make sure that all your tools are securely stored. The cabinet is 20” deep, and there’s a gloss powder coat finish which doesn’t scrape of easily. To support the top lid, you will find two gas lifts. Security is on point as well, with the tubular keys and coded lock system. Aluminum polished handles help you move everything around with ease.


Extreme Tools EX5621CRBL

extreme tool box review
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Another favorite among the mechanics. Both in the workshop and in the garage, this ‘standard’ tool box offers everything you might need. It is one of Extreme Tools’ best selling products. Why, you may wonder? For starters, the construction is heavy duty steel. This means it will last for ages, as it is very resistant to mechanical wear. The ball bearings in the drawers ensure smoothness. Their rating of 100-200 pounds per drawer leave no room for wiggling and malfunction of any sort. Both sides come with full width aluminum handles. The appeal is further enhanced with the high gloss powder coat finish. Dual gas lifts support the top lid, and you will find EVA high density liners in the drawers.




Extreme Tools EX5511RCBK

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The last in this list of mini reviews, this is one of the best choices for professionals. Any tool, or other sort of equipment, used in the workshop, needs to be resistant to both mechanical wear, and environmental hazards. This tool box gives you that resistance. You also get ball bearing slides, as well as a high gloss powder coat, resistant to wear and tear. There are 11 drawers, and a security coded lock system. This is plenty for any mechanic. The full width drawer pulls are oxidation resistant. The drawer fronts have a double steel wall, which ensures rigidity, and prevents twisting and sagging as well. What more could you ask for from a professional tool box?

Rounding up the Extreme tool box review

As you’ve undoubtedly concluded, Extreme Tools have something for every professional. No matter how big your budget is, there is a product for you. Their quality is a touch above the competition at that price point. And, they offer features that many competitors exclude, even in products that are more expensive than these. All in all, if your target budget allows you one of these tool boxes, you pretty much can’t go wrong.