Homak Tool Box Review

A tool chest is an excellent addition to anyone’s garage. From people who fix things themselves, to professional mechanics. Having the right tool shed can be very helpful. Instead of spending hours to find that particular tool you need, it will be right where you left it. Homak is one brand that is known for very high quality chests. This Homak tool box review is here to give you an overview of a few of their products. They are all great, and all good for certain things.
There are a couple of things to know when getting a tool box. First of all, you should know the dimensions of the drawer. This lets you have a picture of how much tools you can fit inside. Next, you should know how many drawers you will need. More drawers allow for better organization, which is always welcome. Weight is another factor to keep track of, as a heavy tool box will be impossible to move, especially with all the tools inside. And, last but not least, a lock on the top is a good way to keep certain tools out of the way.

The mini reviews

Homak RD01032101

homak tool box review
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This is a 3-drawer tool box, which is pretty simple, yet does the job. It is suitable for people who don’t have a lot of tools. And it’s also suitable for people who don’t have a large budget to spend on a tool box. The low price point is certainly a large bonus. There’s also a double latch system to close the top of the storage area. Three drawers are what you get, and for people using an ample amount of tools, this should be enough. There are ball bearing sliders, for extra smoothness. You also get slip-proof mats in each drawer. The weight is a mere 5.3 pounds, which is enough and lets you drag it around, even when full.

Homak BK01022001

homak tool box review
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Another very simple tool box, this one only has two drawers. The cost is pretty decent for what you get, and the entire tool box is a neutral black color as well. You again get ball bearing sliders on both drawers. There is also a top storage area, and a double latch system to keep the top closed tight when you don’t need it. This is a very affordable tool box for the home mechanic.

Homak BL02027901

homak tool box review
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This is one for the professionals. The most high end model on the list, is also the most feature-complete one, and most expensive one. Professional mechanics drool over it, as it has everything they need at a competitive price. Three full-width drawers are enough for all the storage needs. You also get six smaller drawers, as well as an extended top. This lets you open the toolbox completely. However, it also has locking hinges, to make sure it stays shut. The tubular locking system requires a key. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about kids getting into the toolbox.
Sliders with ball bearings are here as well, and they’re a very welcome addition. If you want to move the box, there are two handles to help you with that. The only potential downside is the total weight. It is 100 lb. when empty, meaning you’ll need help to move it when its full.

Final words of the Homak tool box review

To finish things up, you will find that Homak are actually a pretty decent brand. Their tool boxes come with everything you need, yet the prices are kept as low as possible. Home mechanics will find everything they need here, and they don’t really need to break the bank either.