International Tool Box Review

International are an interesting tool company. If you follow their brand, you will find plenty of products, and at attractive prices. They have a variety of tool boxes. Ranging from one-shelf lockers, to 75 inch full-on boxes, you’ll find anything. And, their prices are pretty low, too. You will be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck. However, this usually applies for their higher end lineup. Their cheaper products haven’t received that much praise. This International tool box review will give you info about their 56” tool box. It is one of those premium series, and it is, honestly, incredible. While some people consider tool boxes to be a personal thing, there are some things that everyone loves, and some that everyone hates. Once you’re past those, you can start looking at everything else. The International tool box reviewed here has plenty of things to love, and little to hate. Read on for the details.

international tool box review
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The full, in-depth review

The 56” tool box by International comes with an excellent construction. It is very sturdy, but that also means that it is pretty heavy as well. However, if you can get past the weight, the stiffness is absolutely worth the tradeoff. The finish is excellent too. You can try scraping it off, but it sticks pretty well.
The drawers are organized in a 1/3 and 2/3 manner, rather than the ½ ½ approach some manufacturers take. All drawers have a foam rubber mat inside. It is ¼ thick, and it is cut perfectly. You will appreciate not having to put foam mats yourself, it saves you a lot of trouble. There’s also a ¼ particle board base on the top, which also has a thick foam rubber mat.
You will find ball bearing slides, which are fairly smooth. They might seem a bit stiff at the beginning, but once you work them and add some weight, they are very good. As an added bonus, the deep drawer has four slides instead of two. This ensures it works well even with extra weight inside it.
There are 6 wheels in total, and all have a semi-soft tread. Two of the wheels have cam brakes. And, they clamp on the rubber of wheel, instead of the bolt. This means that they hold very nicely. The wheels are of high quality, and work really well. This isn’t the case with some of the competitors’ tool boxes.

Finishing up the International tool box review – is it worth it?

Yes. Yes it is. The International tool box is worth every cent. You will find that it works extremely well. It is stiff and sturdy, and can hold up a lot of weight. The drawers are well made, along with the sliders, and the included mats are a great bonus. All in all, you will have problems trying to find a better drawer, especially at this price.