Montezuma Tool Box Review

While there is certainly no shortage of tool box manufacturers, some truly stand out. There are plenty of them who offer little functionality, yet high prices. They sometimes try to justify this with quality, but if often doesn’t cut it. However, some do prefer to pay more for quality. Some others often think that that level of quality isn’t worth that price. And some, especially home mechanics, don’t really need that quality. They need a tool box that has enough functionality for them, lasts long enough, and doesn’t break the bank. For these people, this is the Montezuma tool box review. It focuses on the 41” tool chest and top box. That combo should be sufficient for any home mechanic. Everyone should have their tools within reach. Nothing is worse than having to dig though a pile of tools, just to find that one specific wrench. Read on, and see whether the Montezuma tool chest and top box solve these problems.

montezuma tool box review
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The details

Let’s begin on the outside. The dimensions are 41x18x62 inches, including casters. Speaking of the casters, they’re extremely solid. Two are stationary, two have the possibility of swiveling. Even though some people are scared of moving a full tool box around, with these casters that will hardly be a problem. You will need to add some serious weight to make them unstable. You also have a hook-shaped bracket that stops the entire thing from falling forwards. The entire tool box is made of 20 gauge steel. This guarantees stiffness, durability and resistance to general wear and tear.
Even though you might be tempted to get something much more expensive, such as a Craftsman, think twice. The drawers on the Montezuma are excellent as well. Unlike some others, these don’t feel like they’re going to ump of the rails at any moment. This is usually due to too much wiggling in the rails, but you won’t find that here.
You will also find things such as full wrap aluminum on the leading edges of the drawers. At some point, a few tools might get thrown back into the drawer, thus damaging that nice powder coat finish. This doesn’t look good, and it’s a good thing that Montezuma found a solution for it. There’s also a lipless top shelf, which will be welcome for some people.
The only potential downside for some people is the welds that are visible on places. Where the box was tack welded, there’s an obvious dimple. While this isn’t a functional problem, some might mind and they should know it’s there.

Rounding up the Montezuma tool box review

At the end of the review, you will find that whatever I said initially, still holds. Sure, there are higher quality tool boxes. There are ones that offer a lot more functionality, such as locking systems. But first ask yourselves, how much do those extras cost? You will often pay only 20-30% for the Montezuma tool box. Are those other functionalities worth the extra 70-80%? Often not. And it is no secret that most people don’t really need those things. Many simply require a simple tool box. It only needs to hold the tools, and stand the test of time. You won’t be using it 24/7 anyways. Unless you’re a pro mechanic, you often don’t need so many extras. At the end of the day, if you’re asking for a simple, yet high quality tool box, this is it. It offers all the basic things, and does them very well indeed.