US General Tool Box Review

us general tool box review
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US General and Harbor Freight are actually the same brand. You will find the same tool boxes under both names, and they will have the same specifications too. Under both names, they have some seriously cheap tool boxes. However, ‘cheap’ only applies to the price. The quality is what you’d expect from a more expensive box. And by expensive, I mean thousands of dollars more expensive. True, you might get a few extra features out of the more expensive ones. But as you’ll come to know in this US General tool box review, you don’t get that many features, nor that much quality, to even come close to justifying the price difference. What’s even more interesting, they don’t look bad either. Plenty of home mechanics swear by them. They will give you the quality you ask for, at a fraction of the price. Even though they have quite a lot of choice, I will focus on their 44” tool box.

The details

It is worth mentioning that this is an industrial grade roller cabinet. It should last a lifetime in the garage, and with many mechanics, it indeed does. There is a full double-wall steel construction, which results in incredible strength and stiffness. The frame can hold up to 2633 lb. of weight. There’s a glossy red finish, which is durable, won’t chip off and it’s incredibly easy to clean. And, it looks great in any garage.
As far as the drawers go, there are 13 of them. They’re all 16 inches deep, which should be enough. The drawers come in two different widths, close to 1/3 and 2/3. The smaller drawers are 12-5/16” wide, and the larger ones are 22-3/8”. There is also an extra wide drawer at the top, with a full width of 36-7/8”. Height of the top drawer is 4”, the bottom ones are 6”, and the ones in between come at 3”. The drawers have folded edges, which results in extra strength. It also ensures that the drawers are secure when closing. The slides are riveted to the cabinet, which means they won’t rattle as is the case with plenty of the competitors. You will also appreciate the ball bearings – the drawers are very smooth. The bottom drawers also have dual slides, for extra strength.
You will notice that there are 5 inch steel casters. Two of them are fixed, and two are with a locking swivel mechanism. This lets you move the tool box around with ease. You’ll also get some welcomed extras, such as a chrome-plated steel handle, drawer liners and labels, as well as two keys.

Finishing up the US General Tool Box review

No matter if you find them under the name of US General, or Harbor Freight, these tool boxes are incredible. They’re rock solid, offer plenty of storage, and last forever. And the best thing? The prices are way below what you’d expect. Competitors have much higher prices, while the quality doesn’t really support that price.